Sunday, 18 January 2009

My Very first award

Well what do you know, I've recieved my first award from
Doreen How nice is that? Thankyou Doreen, you've certainly made my day and yes, it has certainly encouraged me to hang in there and get blogging.

Now, in order to receive this award I have to name five things that I'm addicted to. So here they are!

1 Family
2 Crafting
3 Browsing craft forums and blogs
4 Spending way to much on craft stash
5 oh and did I say crafting.

Now I have to pass this lovely award onto five other crafters out there.
So here are my nominations.

1 Jen to encourage her to keep up the great work she does making cricut files
for us all.
2 Susan again to encourage her to keep her fabulous blog full of helpful tips on
how to get the best from our circut machines.
3 Ellen for tempting me to try new things
4 Bev for inspiration from her lovely work on the Imagenation forum
5 Michelle for one of the best blogs I've ever seen, I get so much inspiration and
without her knowing it loads of encouragement to try out new things on
my cards.

Thanks again Doreen


  1. thank you Anne,you are so kind . Great you joined bloggo world.

  2. Thank you for passing along this nomination to me! I'll be sure to include it in my post tomorrow.

  3. Thank you so much Anne. That's so nice of you.

    (To tell you the truth I'm afraid to stop for fear that a few crafty bugs would hunt me down. LOL)



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