Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I give up!!!

Everything I've touched today has been a disaster, no joke - absolutely everything!!!
I've not had much in the way of mojo for the past couple of days anyway but today has just taken the biscuit.
I've stamped, coloured and wasted three images. I couldn't say how many trees I've recycled with the wasted paper but, again quite a few. So, in desperation and in need of some inspiration I ran along to Dotties World to check out the new Pixie downloads. Fell in love with the first set and decided they were just what I needed to help me poor misguided mojo on her way. WRONG!!!!! I've played around with them for the past couple of hours and still nothing, I've printed them plain, coloured, had a wee bash at digital cards and nothing is hitting the spot.
I've trawled every challenge blog I can find hoping something will get my creative juices flowing but even seeing all the gorjuss cards from the design teams I'm still sitting here surrounded by shredded paper.
All I can say is thank goodness I've already did my DT card for tomorrows Funky Fairy challenge.
Help lol
Anne x


  1. one of these days Anne??? I'd stay clear of teh scraproom and do something totally different.
    You don't have to create..
    Hope it doesn't last too long though.

  2. Take a break! It will come back...you just need to walk away from the crafts for awhile! I love your post though...the phrase "today has just taken the biscuit" must be like our phrase "take the cake"!

  3. Aww poor you :-( What you need is a nice cuppa t and break :-)

    Don't force yourself your mojo will be there in the mornin :-)

    Lorraine x x

  4. Aw hope you get your mojo back soon and can create. I was a bit like that last week...aarrrhhhh!!
    Walk away from it, makes it worse I think when you just keep trying.
    Hugs Emma x


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