Friday, 3 July 2009

Blogger problems

Is anyone having problems leaving comments??
Since yesterday some of the blogs I visit haven't been loading properly ie - no publish post buttons among other things.
With this and the fact that some blogs just refuse to open at all it's all becoming a right pain in the you know what.
So girls, accept my apologies if I've not been around for a few days, I'm not ignoring you all:)
Anne x


  1. Hi Anne
    Blogger is being a right pain at the mo...I can't schedule posts, leave comments on some blogs etc.
    Fingers crossed it will get sorted soon.
    Emma x

  2. yes anne it's been going on for a while and they are working on it but it seems to be gtting worse instead of better.

  3. I'm having all kinds of zany problems! Each day is certainly a new adventure with Mr Blogger!

    take care Anne and have a fabulous weekend!
    Blessings, Maria

  4. Am having exactly the same problem hun, seems ok this evening and not been booted off yet!! so am making the most of it and getting thru some I have missed!


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