Saturday, 8 August 2009


What on earth was going on with blogger last night???
At first I thought it was only me as I'd been playing around in the background and thought I'd somehow messed up. Then when I finally managed to get onto the dashboard I realised I wasn't alone.
As a result I've no challenge entries for today cos I couldn't see them (sob sob) I did have a little play with My Craft Studio though, am slowly but surely getting to grips with this programme, I quite like the thought of some digital cards but I can't see it ever taking over from my normal card making.
I also had a bash at making this huge siggy lol, so how do I now remove the box from around it?
Hope you all have a fabby weekend


  1. I hadd problems last night as well Anne. It keps saying i was blocked because of spamming god onl knows what that was about

  2. love your new siggy hun...

    was watching BB last night so don't know aout any probs sorry

    hugs shell xx

  3. Can't help with removing the box but the siggy is a bit different from the usual I like it x

  4. Yep it was quite scary. I think it was a huge hacker thing in google and some other big companies but i had a fright too
    hugs June x

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  6. Anne it will not let me right it properly but try < then br then > at the beginning of the code just take both thens out

  7. I had similar issues with blogger for a couple of days. HD TO GET HUBBY'S HELP TO SORT IT OUT BUT ALL SEEMS OK NOW.
    Fabby new siggy Anne.


  8. Siggy is pretty Anne.
    Hope you have the problem sorted now...
    Hugs Angel


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