Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Morning girls
You've probably seen a couple of posts where I've made reference to the Hobbycrafters forum.
Myself and one of my forum buddies set this up a while ago now just so we had a regular place to chat and bounce ideas off one another.
We're very, very small with only a handful of regular members but we're friendly and have a bit of a laugh too. It's nothing fancy, it's a wee freebie lol but it's home.
We'd love some new members too, so if any of you feel like dropping in to say Hi, you'll be made very welcome

Anne x

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  1. Its a smashing Forum really, were anything goes.Its easy going and there are no hard official rules.A very welcoming place,and i am proud to be part of it.
    It doesn't matter what level of crafting your at,there is always someone there to help
    Everyone is welcome,so give it a try


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