Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A new challenge blog

Morning girls
Just a quick shout out for my blogging buddy Elaine. She's decided to enter the world of challenge blogs and is setting up a challenge which will be purely for digital stamps and papers.
It's all in the early stages at the moment but she is looking for a DT and of course some sponsors.
Interested???Just click on the blinkie to visit. Good luck Elaine:)


  1. Ooooohhh is this our Elaine? woop woop off to nosey now :D thanks Anne hun

    Hugs Lexi xx

  2. Thanks for the shout Anne...hope you ll be joining in the fun :)

    Elaine x

  3. Oooh off to have a nosey. Thanks hun
    sam x

  4. oh i does like a bit of digital? think that may be takin on to much! lol,sue.x

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