Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Trendy or not?

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When oh when will this cold snap end? It's still icy cold here in Glasgow but at least the snow as stopped and we've not been as bad off as some others.
Would you believe my boiler has packed up!!!! Yip, the pilot light will not stay on so we have no heating or hot water AND they can't guarantee that they will get to us today as there is no one vulnerable in the house. So I'm sitting here in me little craft room with a plug in heater which is just about doing the job!!!

Now for the next tale of woe, yes there is more!! I just finished this card last night for my son's birthday next week. Now, I chose this image from Dotties World as Gordon just loves his hair, baldy bit and all lol it's all spiked up and sorted so you can't see it's thinning. Well last night we got a phone call, can you guess??? He'd only burned the front of it right off. Lighting a candle, he slipped and fell with it which resulted in him setting his well gelled hair on fire!!!! Now I know this could've been a whole lot worse and I shouldn't have laughed but I was pmsl until he sent me up a pic of him with it all shaved off. The poor soul looks terrible!!! So guess who is getting a bunnet for his birthday???
Right, we'll move quickly onto the challenges shall we?

1. Pollycraft - a winter birthday
2. Charisma Cardz - celebration
3. ABC - Layering


  1. Fabulous card Anne :-) I am sure your son will love it ,,,, hair n all !! :-)

    I can imagine it was funny ,,as you say it could have been worse ,, at least it was only his hair !! :-/

    As for no one vulnerable in the house ,,,, can't you 'borrow' a few babies from the neighbours lol :-)
    Hope you gte it fixes soon ,,, brrr ,,, not nice in the freezing weather to be without heating eh ! :-(

    Thanks for joining the ABC Challenge :-)
    Lols x x x

  2. oops ,, that is supposed to say ,, Hope you get it fixed soon ,,,, :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, no heating in that cold, BRR. Sound like a visit to Oz is what you need, its hot and sunny here!!!

    And can't help but laugh at your poor boy and his hair! Thats a page to scrapbook if you're into that kind of thing! ;)

    Have Fun & Take Care.

  4. Fabulous card Anne, sorry but I was pmsl at your son.. like you say it could of been alot worse! Least it ll grow back :)

    Elaine x

  5. Your poor son! Hope he recovers from the shock!
    Thanks for joining in with the ABC challenge this week
    Fiona x

  6. Great card Anne Gordon will love it

    Alison xx

  7. Gordon will love the card Anne, its smashing

    Marion x

  8. these thing pick there moments to break down. Good excuse to stay by the heater in your craft room.
    Sorry to hear about your son's hair.Oh well hair today, gone tomorrow, sorry for the pun.

    Great Card I'm sure he will love it.

    Hugs Carol x

  9. fab card
    Thanks for joining us this week at Charisma

  10. oh no Anne - I hope you get your heat fixed soon! And how lucky that all he had to do was shave his hair! I think he'll love the card!

  11. rofl kids!! sure they only sent to entertain us. Fab card Anne hunni i love it

    Hugs Lexi xxx

  12. I know we shouldn't laugh but I cant help it! Bet he is well gutted! Lovely card tho!

  13. Fabulous card . love the image Anne.
    Thank you for joining in the ABC Challenge this time.
    Cathy xx

  14. What a cool card Anne!
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun at the Pollycraft Monday Challenge :0)
    Love Becky xx

  15. Awesome card Anne. Sorry but had to giggle too at your poor son's misfortune, it could have been a nasty accident but thankfully it wasn't so bad. Hope your heating is soon fixed.

    Thanks for joining us at Pollycraft challenges.


    Joanne xx

  16. Fab card!
    Thanks for joining us at the ABC Challenge!
    Helen x

  17. Hi Anne

    Have you seen the list about half way down this link?

    Sarah x

  18. Great card.... and I also had a laugh at your poor son's expense!

  19. Hi Anne
    Hope your heating is all fixed now and your poor son!! Think I would have laughed too...thankfully it wasn't any worse.
    Your card is fab, brilliant image and papers.
    Thanks for joining us at Pollycraft & good luck.
    Hugs Emma x


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