Friday, 30 July 2010

Evening girls
Hubby's just made me a lovely new GIF for my header, I'm well chuffed with it BUT I can't get it centred. Now I know it's something to do with the HTML but looking at it I can't see where I need to alter it or if I actually need to add something.
Can anyone offer any suggestions??

bumping this up again....................


  1. oh i wish my hubby was computer literate. he doesn't even know how to place his hand on the mouse!!!

    this is awesome. but sorry. can't help you. i've no clue!

  2. It looks great me who has JUST mastered three layers in Photo shop, have no idea, but it'll be fun finding out... ohooo suddenly had a flash of memory... when I first put my background on my blog, it had the makers name slap bang in the middle blocking out half the after reading all the goobldeegoop coding in the HTML I spied the word, 'centered' so I changed it to left and it went left, which I guess to those in the know, isn't that remarkable but it made my day! Have a great weekend


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