Sunday, 12 February 2012

we're going to lose our followers button

Hi girls
I've just been on one of my DT blogs where one of the girls passed on this link
It seems we're losing Google Friends connect on 28th of this month so will lose our followers too.
A bit of a pain in the ar$e if you ask me but I'm going to try out the new Mr Linky thingy as I don't want to lose touch with all of you girls who regularly leave me comments:(
So I've added a new button over there-------->
Don't forget to sign up:)
Anne x


  1. Hiya Anne...blimey what a nightmare!! just joined up and now I'm following you too...I have put a link on my blog and it looks like I will loose all our followers...such a shame :o(

    hope you are having a lovely evening...big hugs Vicky xx

  2. OMG no this can't be right .... that is just awlful - will be looking into this I think. Hugs, Claire x


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