Saturday, 26 October 2013

a few holiday snaps

Evening girls
Well that's the holiday over.  Two weeks gone by in an absolute flash!
We'd a brilliant time as usual, even the weather was kind to us.  October can be a little bit wet in Turkey but we'd only one day of rain and thirteen of wall to wall sunshine with temps of just over 25C.  Brilliant!!!

We had a little trek over the mountains from Kaya Koy to Fethyie.  A bit of a slog in places but the views were to die for.


we met this cheeky chappy on the way

this is the view from a rooftop cafe overlooking the new Fethyie harbour


...and breakfast Turkish style

So, now it's back to the slog, work, housework and boring stuff.  Maybe even a card or two over the rest of the weekend.  Never mind, it's not long till June next year.  Yip, the flights are booked already.
Anne x


  1. Welcome back to reality! Looks like a fabulous trip


  2. Goodness sweetie I agree where did those two weeks go to? Fab photos, glad you had good weather and a great time.


  3. Gorgeous snaps Anne! Looks amazing - I could do with a vacation like that right now!


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