Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy Birthday from Minnie

This was a commission and I must admit I love how it turned out. Fortunately for me, so did the recipient. Isn't it great when you get positive feed back.
The backing paper, which has been in my stash for yonks was the inspiration for this. I knew I wanted to use Minnie Mouse but in non Disney colours.
I think she looks kinda cute, all dressed up and ready to party!


  1. I think she is super cute in non Disney colours. Lovely card.

  2. Ms Minnie looks fab in blue- I can see why she loved this card!

  3. Beautiful card , I love the colours really fresh and vibrant , I am not surprised your customer loved it .....its stunning
    Love Susie xx

  4. those are my colours, she looks so cheerful much better than in disney colours ( or p..)

  5. Lovely card, love the colours too :-) very cute!

  6. Gorgeous card honey & I'm sure the recipient will love it...

    There's something on my blog for you...

    Lorraine xxx

  7. No wonder she was well please I bet, it is gorgeous. I have a friend who collects all things Minnie Mouse and he would love this (he is nearly 50... don't ask LOL) Well done babes xx

  8. This is soooo gorgeous a card. I have the same paper.I'm sure that Ciaran will love it to bits. Thank you for the 2 great awards you sent me, it is lovely of you to do this. xx Doreen


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