Monday, 30 November 2009

I'm going to cry

I've spent ages this morning tarting up me blog for Christmas and have just lost the lot!!!!!!
Even me 3 column template, I tholught I'd saved it and backed it all up properly but obviously I'd not:((
I'm off to scream in the corner for a few hours


  1. Oh Anne i bet your pulling your hair out.Its soul destroying when things like that happen

  2. ARGHHHHH! How annoying Anne, I hope you can sort it out without too many tears :)


  3. aww no Anneeee ((((big hugs))))

  4. Aw that sucks, but if its any consoloation, the Santa & Snowflake layout looks great!

  5. Your attemps made me try it with my own blog, with no luck either *grumbles* lol!

  6. Aaaarrrhhhh Anne...hope you get everything back and sorted.
    Hugs Emma x

  7. omg, I have just been doing the same, but didn't lose anything. the spooky thing is...............
    I have used the same background with the banner to. how strange is that. but I think you will find that there was 2 different backgrounds for this, sure it said one for 3 column.

  8. Oh no! That's why I am terrified of messing around with mine, never mind it still looks great, and you are still here, that's the main thing..
    big hugs
    En xx


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