Thursday, 5 April 2012

Two very quick cards

Evening girls
I'd to rustle up two mega quick  get well cards this afternoon.
My Mums poor neighbour just 75 years young was mauled by a vicious dog the day before yesterday.
She was out for a wee stroll with her tiny little dog when this brute attacked both of them.
She seen it approaching and managed to pick her dog up yet the thing pounced and tore her little dog from her arms anyway.  Trying to save her little pooch she was very, very badly bitten to the extent that she'd to have operations on both her hands yesterday.  The  top of the index finger on her right hand had the flesh almost all torn off and the bone exposed.  Her left hand, which she thought was less badly damaged turned out to be the worst of them both.  The surgeon said one more bite and they wouldn't have been able to save the hand as there are so many puncture wounds!!
I can't begin to imagine how terrified she must have been yet her instinct was to save her little dog.
On top of all the trauma she is now faced with a massive vets bill as her little Cookie isn't insured.  Thankfully the vet did wonderful work and managed to save her life too although it will be another few days before she is out of the woods and able to come home.
To say I'm disgusted by this is an understatement.  I love dogs, always have but I can't condone irresponsible owners of these mastiff breed dogs.  They know they're vicious, so why have them?  Thankfully the brute is no more as it was put to sleep and the owner charged.  I hope he get's locked up and the key thrown away!!
Anyway,  here are me two quick cards

This one using Dovecraft papers and a Papermania stamp.  Other bits and bobs from me stash and a computer generated sentiment


On this one I've used a sentiment stamp from Sparkle n Sprinkle, some gorgeous MME papers and a K & Co die cut flower available from Mishelflo
So, that's my sorry tale girls.  Please keep Connie and her little furry companion in your prayers tonight
Anne x


  1. Hi Anne loving your cards they are beautiful hope you are well
    What a story to read I am with you I really do believe thatwith all these vicious dogs around the owners are the problem the way they bring them up I remember when my daughter was little (in a pushchair) we were taking our dog for a walk and there was a man over the road with 2 dogs one was a staff I saw him loose the dogs leads and just pounced on my dog as well as trying to get them off him I was terrified they would turn on Amy it's the owners who bring them up like this that want putting down also I have a large german shepherd and he is the daftes thing on the planet and I can say hand on heart he wouldn't go for anyone as we have brought him up not to (sorry about rant)
    have a great Easter
    Jacki xx

  2. What a gorgeous cards Anne.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  3. Gorgeous cards Anne. Poor lady, she must of been terrified!

  4. Damn irresponsible dog owners! Hope your mom's friend and dog weather their trauma well. Both of these cards are gorgeous and love the embossing on the first one and the banners on the second...looks fantastic.



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